Featured Co-Author, Bharath Gopalan!
Bharath Gopalan from Chennai India.

Bharath joined us in 2010 and has written several great essays for volumes I, II, and III..    

Read more about Bharath below...

Bharath Gopalan is more often known by his initials GB. These two alphabets also represent what he stands for – Go Beyond. GB is constantly on the look out to expose himself to new experience that affords one the opportunity of looking at life beyond the present. This approach made him a rolling stone that gathers no mass but gains polish over time; he kept meandering through diverse jobs in different industries like steel to atomic research to banknotes to automobiles. It was when he accidentally landed in a job of training that he discovered his real passion to work with people and enable them explore their potentials and enrich their lives. He is currently steering the learning &development practices for one of the leading cement manufacturers in India.

Having learnt the hard way to figure out what his passion was, GB felt that young people need to be helped into finding their right job where they can put their heart to, rather early, instead of leaving them to figure it out through by trial & error. That is how he set out to launch a career coaching school called The Delyceum. The mission of Delyceum is to enable people live life to their true potentials. Based on this theme, he is also presently working on a book Head-start Your Career which provides the tools for discovering one’s aspirations, interests, strengths and talents, mapping the opportunity cluster and career options, building one’s personal brand and succeeding in the work arena.

GB graduated in Physics from Madras University and later went on to acquire his master degrees in Human Resource Development as well as in Psychology. After taking up L&D profession, he got his diploma in Training & development and also certifications in NLP, Thomas Profiling, Experiential learning Tools, Design of Training and the like. GB is also one of the national resource persons certified by Government of India to conduct a five-day train-the-trainer course called Direct Trainers Skills. His decade-long experience in leadership training in the corporate world has also helped him in honing his training and coaching skills. He extensively relies on Kolb’s learning cycle in designing his training capsules which he succinctly captures by the acronym ERIGBe: Experience-Reflect-Infer-Go Beyond.

GB’s published articles can be freely accessed at http://www.scribd.com/bharath_g and also he can be contacted at delyceum@gmail.com 

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