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It is impossible to inoculate oneself against the contagion of optimism that pours out from the stories of the courageous men and women in CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM who show us how we can soar and flourish in the very midst of life's challenges. Read it and celebrate the human spirit! -Michael Beckwith, founder Agape International Spiritual Center and bestselling author of Life Visioning

No matter how difficult or easy your life may be at any given moment, it is possible to experience meaning and happiness. Read CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM for yourself. Read it for your teams at work. Read it for your family. It will help you improve your life, your outlook, and your behavior. -Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There. World's #1 Leadership Thinker, Harvard Business Review

Reading CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM will allow you to appreciate and understand the principles that people of all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds live by and have exhibited during their life's adventures. -Daniel P. Tully, Chairman Emeritus Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Enlightenment, positive mind control, and many other capabilities exist in all of us. Once they are harnessed, we are able to doing anything we put our minds to. Contagious Optimism is proof that people from all corners of the world have the ability to meet and exceed their goals despite the odds. -Bucky Dent, New York Yankees World Series MVP, Baseball Hall of Fame, player, manager

There has been one common ingredient throughout my personal and professional life - optimism. It has been a solid driving force and has never wavered. When you read David's book, Contagious Optimism, you will better understand why it is so powerful... how it empowers, motivates, and leads people to tremendous results. -James F. Mooney, Chairman of the Board Virgin Media, Inc.

David has taken the secret to a joyfully lived life and packaged it in a book that is indeed so contagious you can't help but be infected. Once you are exposed to the power of kindness and positive thinking towards yourself and others, Contagious Optimism will be with you forever. -Will Glennon, bestselling author of Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Nearly every story is excellently composed and straightforward; readers are sure to find something to connect with. Frequent bits of encouraging advice, insights, and practical exercises make Mezzapelle's message digestible and relevant, and perfect for daily perusals. -Publishers Weekly

This book is contagious! David articulates so perfectly the feelings we all have sometimes of uncertainty, while finding the courage and strength to get “unstuck.” His fascinating, real-life stories and unique observations offer a positive-thinking picture of what we need to move forward successfully, whether in business or in life. -Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall-of-Famer

We are all capable of great optimism. And, this book is a reminder that the more small ways we live a positive life, the more it can spread to those around us. Happiness is a choice every single day, and Contagious Optimism is full of insights on how to seize that happiness and pass it on. —Amy Spencer, author of The Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss

David Mezzapelle has been one of the most optimistic and insightful individuals I have ever known, and I've known him my whole life!... Contagious Optimism is a perfect example of that. Once you read this book, it is sure to change your life as well.  -John Popper, founding member of Blues Traveler, harmonica virtuoso, and Grammy award winning lead vocalist 

5 Stars. The author's effort in spreading positive energy is remarkable.  It is a book which will give encouragement to those who have and are undergoing turmoil and difficulties in life and want some words of encouragement to uplift them. The optimism in the stories and the theme is so infectious that it encourages positive thinking.  -Reader's Favorite Book Review

David Mezzapelle is a "cheer" leader of Optimistic Faith, Optimistic Gratitude and Optimistic Love, offering a suite of smiles to the world with his book, Contagious Optimism!  -Sherry Hursey, award-winning actress, writer, and producer
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